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The Best University is in Cleveland, Ohio

Have you ever considered the chance of studying in one of the best universities in the world? Do you really want to achieve a degree that is worth the hard work you will do for it? Do you want to invest your money and your precious time into a course that is worthwhile and will help you in your future too? If your answer is yes to even any one of the above questions than its time you get yourselves enrolled into one of the best universities in the world, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.

The Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, Ohio is one of the best and the top universities in the whole of United States and the world over. The university boasts about the best academic research programs and the finest courses you can take in sciences, humanities, arts or technology. If you want a brighter future ahead of you

Cleveland, Ohio is without a doubt a home to one of the finest educational institutes all over the world. Even though the city’s population is less than 500,000 in itself the Case Western Reserve University in the city, is home to hundreds and thousands of research students and graduates flying to Cleveland, for their better futures. The university is responsible in producing a number of top leading scientists and research workers all over world and their number is increasing everyday with double speed now as the technology has advanced at a breathtaking pace toady.

At the start of the 20th century, the post war era in the United States, the city of Cleveland, Ohio began its journey to achieve stability for itself and also the whole of American nation. The Case Western Reserve University was set up in the city in the mid of the year 1822 with a little funding form the leading American industrialists so that the student population of the nation could learn and strive to achieve something for themselves and their American nation.

The major priority of the Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland is to better the futures of its student and take them to a position where they can achieve something worthwhile in their lives. The university life is tough without a doubt and a school-like strictness for all its students to excel in whatever fields they opt for. However if you think there is all work and no play at CWRU then you are in for a big surprise. When the university is located in the city of Cleveland, Ohio how you can expect the campus life to be dull and boring around you?

Just outside the campus area, you find the famous University Circle, in downtown Cleveland Ohio. A place that holds the major attractions in the city, be it cultural centers or the latest hangout hotspots.

They aim to excel and produce the best of human beings at the Case Western Reserve University. If you want to secure your future for all times to come, we will recommend you to invest in the CWRU, Cleveland, Ohio without further question.

Dwell in luxury while in Cleveland, Ohio

When you are already spending a lot of dollars planning a trip to Cleveland, Ohio, why don’t you let lose a few more and stay at the most luxurious and the best hotel in the city. When talking about luxury in Cleveland, we talk about the Ritz, Carlton. A hotel where you get the best pampering and the finest treatments that you can think of while you stay out of home, in a foreign city.

The Ritz Carlton, Cleveland is the best hotel you can get in the city which provides you with not only the finest luxury accommodations but also the best entertainment activities and the greatest food in town. The motto of the hotel is to pamper all their guests and give them such memorable experiences during their stays that they cannot let go of the memory long after their stay at the Ritz Carlton, Cleveland is over too.

The hotel is both stunning and luxurious. The interiors of the hotel are so beautiful that they make you fall in love with the hotel itself. They offer a huge wine poker selection. Pastel colors blended with the best browns and beiges give the hotel a soothing and an airy look and also suit the atmosphere of the city too. The furnishing in both the suites and lobby of the hotel are antique and right out of the ancient centuries. The suites boast of a comfortable luxury and the interiors give you a peep into the lives of the modern royalty. The Ritz Carlton, Cleveland is no doubt a window to the luxuries that the royalty enjoy and it provides you with an experience that you can just not forget for your entire lifetime. Although it presents a touch of antiques the hotel is no doubt unique, chic and has enhanced technology and all the basic necessities you might want in a hotel of modern times.

The hotel provides you with the perfect ambiance for your romantic getaways and is also a fully equipped hotel having the all the basic necessities that a modern day traveler on a business trip might look for before checking in. Also the hotel is an ideal place to stay with families while you are on vacations as it provides you with the best entertainment you can ask for in the city.

Cleveland, Ohio is an interesting city and the Ritz Carlton, Cleveland gives you the best of experiences in the city. The hotel has a touch of the most visited attraction in the city, the Cleveland, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and is filled with vibrant colors and a few of the greatest rock and roll artifacts from the world over. Also the hotel has so many more entertainment facilities that there is not a single dull moment from the day to the night.

We say if you want to spend a great vacation while you are in Cleveland, Ohio then make your reservations with the Ritz Carlton, Cleveland only. You can take our word for it that you will never be disappointed even once.

Management of Poker Bankroll

Over the long haul, one of the most important skills required to be a winning poker player is bankroll management. Without doubt, it is a skill which is as essential as starting hand selection, game choice and bluffing. A player who is playing outstandingly can be often killed by an insufficient bankroll. Meanwhile, a lot of weaknesses in the game of a player can be compensated by an ample bankroll most of the time.

Importance of Bankroll

However peculiar can be a good word to describe how people think about a bankroll. A lot of players don’t even have a bankroll, and even rich people playing poker have no bankroll. Actually, wealthy players playing at an undersized or restrained limit are not the issue of a bankroll.

However, bankroll is everything for purely professional FlopNuts players. The top issue for these players is bankroll. It can be compared to the importance of a truck to its driver. Without a truck, the driver does not work, or he will work for somebody else.

A poker bankroll starts to bewilder a lot of people in between the two groups mentioned above and it is the category where the mass of players belong.

You can even hear a few PokerStars people referring to something called a session bankroll which is apparently the sum of money to be put at risk by a player in a certain game on a particular day. Other players are also perplexed at the amount needed to buy-in to a game.

For winning or breakeven players who don’t absolutely rely on poker income to keep up their basic way of life and to players who depend part of their income on poker, the amount of money put into action on a certain day should be the manifestation of decisions on how much money they have considered as their overall bankroll for poker.

With adequate bankroll, a winning or breakeven player who is playing at a limit considers the dollars won or lost during a certain day irrelevant in deciding when to quit the game. This means that these players play good at a limit they can pay for. As long as they have sufficient chips to play each hand as it should be played, what these players buy-in for is also considered irrelevant. In conjunction with a sensible, preconceived overall strategy, what truly matters is playing right at a particular moment.

Losing Players

For losing poker star players, they should only bring the exact amount of money that they can afford to lose to the casino, both on a psychological and dollar basis. When they sit down, all the money should be mentally placed on the table. Also, all the afford-to-lose money on the table (no more, no less) should be considered in buying in for any amount more than the minimum required to play each hand.

Issues related to bankroll are in fact more of a personal circumstance function than variance in poker. A player should forget the superficial and the center of attention should be on the essential. What you do and the reasons you do it is what winning is all about.

Visit Cleveland, Ohio this time when you plan a vacation

This time when you plan a summer outing with your family, make sure you pack your bags and head straight to Cleveland, Ohio without thinking much. When you want to have all the fun in your vacations and also enjoy a mixture of the peace of a vacationing spot by the lake and the hustle and bustle of a busy town, then its Cleveland you should head to without a doubt.

A lot goes on in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s a town where the fun never ends and nobody sleeps early. Here you find a mix of the cultures of East Coast and the Midwest and it’s the quite an interesting place that you can visit while you are out with your bags. The town has a very rich history that lures in tourists and visitors from around the world. Also you can find so many interesting places for adventure that are great to visit when you are vacationing with your family in Cleveland.

Take your kids to the poker and beer museum in downtown Cleveland and give them a memorable experience at the IMAX cinemas of the town or you can visit the Great Lake Science Center and spend an exciting and fulfilled time at the this interactive and exciting museum. East of downtown in Cleveland is an area known popularly by the name of the University Circle. It is a place where you will find all the major museums, science centers, exhibitions halls, educational, cultural and medical institutions in the city and all over the world too. These are also the major attractions in the town and their setting is just like a cherry on top. They are set in a beautiful location surrounding the Wade Lagoon and a park around the area. The Lagoon interests the holiday makers whereas all the cultural and science centers are the attractions for the tourists in the place.

If you are a rock and roll fan then also Cleveland, Ohio holds the best spot all over the United States that can interest you. At the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame you can find all the latest and the oldest rock and roll artifacts and also get to listen to the greatest of the rock soundtracks of all times. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio boasts about the largest rock and roll sound collections in the world and the biggest and one of the kinds reliving experiences of the spirit of the rock and roll bands. If you are a true rock and roll fan, then Cleveland is the place of your dreams without a doubt.

There are also a lot of other places that you can visit while in Cleveland, Ohio. The above mentioned attractions are just a few of the many that you will find in this amazing place. The city is the most serene and probably the cleanest city all over the United States. If you want to spend a good time during your vacations and enjoy a mix of the modern and the subtle cultures of the States, then try visiting Cleveland, Ohio once.

Poker in Ohio

When people think of Ohio, the first thing that comes to mind usually is not poker. The first thought usually involves college football and cornfields. What people seldom think about is poker.

The main reason that few people think about poker and Ohio in the same thought is because the state has some of the strictest rules when it comes to casinos and poker rooms. The state is not totally against the idea of people gambling, but they want to keep it to a minimum, and therefore decreasing the number of people who lose their homes and all of their finances due to gambling.

The one nice thing about Ohio is that they are willing to let the citizens have some say in the ability to play games of chance. In 2009, registered voters had the opportunity to decide to have casinos built in four of Ohio’s cities.

The one positive thing about Ohio not having any casinos is that the surrounding states benefit, when someone living in Ohio feels the need for a fun night out, they are forced to drive to the nearest casino. In northern Ohio this means that they end up driving to Detroit, where they are desperate for all the extra money that they can get.

The one thing that people living in Ohio can do is play poker online. So far no state legislation has been drafted banning the residents from spending as much time as they want logged onto online casinos. Where things could get sticky is if a person who calls Ohio home, decides to create their own online casino.

The thing that most confuses people about poker and the Ohio laws, is that they regard home games. Technically speaking, poker games in homes are legal, however the wording implies that the owner of the home cannot legal participate. With the way that the law is currently written, people understand that they cannot form a poker club, and it is obvious that routinely scheduled games, such as Tuesday poker night, are off limits. However no one is totally sure about the rules regarding a group of friends getting together to play a friendly game and share some beers.

Just because playing poker in Ohio is difficult, does not mean that it is impossible. There are circumstances when poker games can be legally played in Ohio. One of those exceptions is the Lima Poker Series.

In Lima Ohio there is an annual series. The series, which is called the Lima Poker Series, is the combination of two different poker tournaments. The two tournaments that are involved are the Lima Poker Freeze Out and the Lima Poker Championships. The event is sponsored by the Lima Football club, the Lima Warriors. Not only is the event a great way to earn money for charity, but the event is a great deal of fun, and involves some really good poker playing.

The series is a two day event and features some of the best poker you are going to find in the entire state. The event is run by individuals who have a great deal of experience at making sure that poker playing events go very smoothly. Every single table plays with two decks of cards. At the end of the event the top 10% of the players will receive payout.

The Importance of the Average Stack in Tournament

The average stack size is an extremely important statistic to know when playing poker, especially in a tournament environment such as the World Poker Tour, or WPT. Everyone knows that poker is a game of information and knowledge and the average stack size is a very important piece of information to have at your disposal. Unfortunately, most players do not utilize this information to their advantage and lose the opportunity to put themselves in a better position. There are a number of different ways in which knowing the average stack size can help you and things that you can do with that knowledge.

You should always do what you can to be above the average stack size on PlaySolidPoker Italia and remain there. If you happen to be below the average stack size then you are behind the curve and you need to catch up. In this scenario you need to start making moves and trying to catch up. While you are below the average chip stack, you are in danger of being pushed out by other players. This also gives you an idea of where the middle ground is currently located in terms of chips.

If you are above the average chip stack, it is important that you stay that way. Knowing where you stand when compared to the rest of the tournament field will also put the size of your chip stack into perspective. Is your stack five, six or ten times larger than the average stack? You can probably do some serious damage if it is. Are you just barely above the average stack size? If so, then you need to be wary of falling below the average.

Because you know the average stack size you know the people who are below the average stack size are playing catch up. Players who are below the average need to catch up, which means they are going to most likely play more aggressively to try to get back into the game. You can use this to your advantage and use the size of your stack to push them around. The players below the average are probably going to open up the range of hands that they will play and make some plays at pots that they would not normally make. Recognizing these opportunities and taking advantage of them is something that will help you to grow your stack even further.

Having the knowledge of the average stack, especially in tournament poker play, will go a long way to improving how you play with other players at the poker table. It allows you to know where you stand in relation to the rest of the tournament field and this perspective should certainly have an effect on how you play the game. Whether you are ahead of the average or behind it, your playing style will be completely different depending on which side of the average you are located.

The Pros and Cons of Poker Bonuses

In terms of promotions, online poker bonuses are quite well known in the Internet poker front. In fact, it’s quite arguable to say that they’re one of the premiere reasons why online casinos are so popular nowadays outside of accessibility and soft competition. In fact, the majority of successful Internet poker sites out there are presently offering some type of bonus program, so it’s not a stretch of the imagination to say that poker bonuses have become standard issue when it comes to offering the online poker experience to the masses. With that said, here the respective pros and cons of poker bonuses to the average online poker player.

The Pros of Poker Bonuses

· Financial Benefit: The single-most apparent upside to poker bonuses from the Internet is that it’s free money with a fairly uncomplicated catch. Essentially, you only need to sign up for the poker site of your choice in order to cash in on this special poker bonus promotion. Sometimes, you’ll need a proper code in order to join, but more often than not signing up is all you need in order to acquire this particular benefit. Your expected value will increase if you’re a winning player, you can always stop at any time if you’re a losing player, and if you have a tendency to break even, a poker bonus can put you over the top, so to speak.

· Shopping Around for Sites: It’s easier to shop around for the poker site that’s most suited for you and your needs with the help of poker bonuses. Basically, you can use the bonus to try out a site without investing too much of your own capital. These bonuses allow you to play long enough to decide whether or not a given site is most suitable for your poker-related requirements. If you don’t care for a particular poker site’s level of competition or user interface, you can even keep the signup bonus as you shop around for a website that’s more up to your speed.

The Cons of Poker Bonuses

· Clearing Requirements: The clearing requirements you need to fulfill in order to cash in your signup bonus are oftentimes more trouble than they’re worth, especially when it comes to the so-called “sticky” bonuses. For instance, you won’t be able to collect your poker bonus until you play a set number of raked hands that’s determined by how big your bonus is. This isn’t an unreasonable requirement and it allows the site to safeguard itself from signup bonus leeches. Nevertheless, if you really want to clear the bonus on a site you dislike, then you’ll have no other choice but to stick around until you clear the bonus anyway. When it comes to signup bonuses, look for non-sticky bonuses that you can withdraw without penalty.

· Time Requirements: The vast majority of sites will require you to clear your bonus on a set amount of time. It’s another safeguard sites have in order to encourage their players to keep playing even after getting the poker bonus. However, this particular prerequisite can be detrimental on the player’s part because if you withdraw from your bankroll and you fail to reload your account in time to play the set amount of raked hands, there’s a possibility for you to lose your bonus.

Playing with an Average Chip Stack

When playing at any US poker site, a lot of the time you are going to be sitting on an average sized stack. Unless you are a great deal better than your opponents or a great deal worse, the size of your stack will probably be fairly standard and knowing how to play in this situation is critical to bringing you up to a point where you can have a better-than-average stack. The difference between a short stack and a deep stack is how you played when you had an average stack, so setting your direction upwards instead of downwards is a good idea.

The first thing to make sure of when you are sitting with an average chip stack in front of you is that you do not make stupid mistakes. Stupid mistakes and bad play is going to ship you down into short stack range and it is much easier to fall down than it is to claw your way back up. This means that you should holster the seven deuce and play tight. You want to make sure that you are winning pots and adding to your chip stack when the opportunity arises and not trying to force yourself into situations where your money is on the table.

Another extremely important thing to make sure you are doing is to try to avoid any deep stacks that may be sitting around you. A deep stack is an inherent advantage and you want to do everything that you can to keep the advantage on your side of the table. If you have an amazing hand you should not be afraid of doubling up, but avoiding confrontation is generally preferable. Instead, you should be focusing on putting pressure on shorter stacks around you and using the relative depth of your stack as an advantage over them. Playing hands with stacks that are about the same size is also perfectly acceptable.

You also need to make sure that you are sustaining growth and not bouncing up and down. According to the latest poker strategy, an average sized stack is a range and not a single size that once you are slightly above or below puts you at a distinct advantage or disadvantage. Continuing to play tight until you are a few standard deviations over average will make sure that you keep solid and sustainable growth in your stack instead of running in a boom and bust cycle.

Making sure that you know how to play with an average sized stack is vital to your success at the poker table. The decisions that you make with an average stack will dictate whether you are going to be deep stacked or short stacked. By playing tight, avoiding unnecessary confrontation, and making sure you understand that an average stack encompasses a range will go a long way to making sure that you are a deep stack more often than a short stack.

How to play pocket pairs in poker

Getting pocket pairs as your initial cards is very common in Texas holdem poker. Most players would land a medium or a small pair. Quite a lot of amateur players tend to get excited with these pocket pairs. However, whether or not they are really good for you is something that you would have to think about before you put in any money in the pot. For example, take a starting hand of a pair of 8s on a site like Most players would feel either happy or sometimes even ecstatic when this happen. However, when you think about it logically without getting attached emotionally, this is not a very good hand.

Why low pairs are not good?

Out of all the winning hands in poker, statistically speaking, a pair or better would win around 55% of the time. Even a high card can win the hand in 45% of the cases. If you have a pair of 8s and you don’t improve them by getting a set during the flop turn or during the river, you would only be able to beat a lower pair or a high card. The lower the pairs, the worse would be the case. One of the biggest disadvantages of having a pair of 8s is that only another 8 would be able to improve the hand. On the other hand, your opponents would hold two over cards, both or either of them could pair up when the board cards are revealed. Also, they could also have flush or straight possibilities.

The strategy

There are two strategies that you could use when you have a medium pocket pair like 8s. The first is to raise the pot and then try to force your opponents out of their hands. The lesser number of opponents you have to go towards the flop, the better it would be for you. If you could remove all except for one before they see the flop, then you could have a chance to win the pot. This would only work towards a late position. If you do raise early in the game and then get reraised by two or more players, you can be in a lot of trouble.

There is a second strategy which is considered by most poker professionals to be the best way to play pocket pairs that are low or mid value. What you would have to do is to call the unraised bets of your opponents and just hope that you would hit three of a kind later on the flop. Three eights is actually very strong and it would give you the chance of playing slow if the circumstances are right. The good thing about this is that your hand would be disguised and your opponents would not put you on triples. There is even a chance of full house.

The conclusion is to be very careful when you have medium or small pocket pairs. The lower the value of the pair, the less chance you would have to hold up against your opponents so you should always be ready to fold.

The Disadvantages of Playing Online Poker

Playing poker online might come with a volley of advantages, but there are some disadvantages and pitfalls that you should consider, such as:

An addictive passion: If you love your game, you could soon be spending hours and hours playing online poker. This is naturally because it gives you the ability to play in the comfort of your home. You could spend this time here at the cost of your other responsibilities.

Good Internet connection: If you have a good Internet connection and uninterrupted power supply, you can play poker whenever you like and for as long as you please. If you lose your connection abruptly, you could lose a good hand too.

Quicker losses: In a casino, you could play more hands every hour because the cards are dealt instantly and there’s no time lag between hands. This is good for a winning player, but should you lose, your money will slip away from you much faster.

You can lose money faster online: Poker chips are the cash of online poker rooms. And in virtual poker rooms, it’s far faster to lose money than in a brick and mortar casino. Just press a key on the keyboard and there your money goes.

Manage your bankroll or go broke: If you play stakes which are not in conformity with your bankroll, you’ll soon go broke. Instead, learn the principles of good bankroll management and give yourself the opportunity of playing long and for good profits.

Support and energy in a positive environment: A comfortable environment gives you the energy to play and the positive support that could help you win. Sit in a comfortable chair, see that enough light falls on your computer screen, have a free and clean desk before you and drink water or coffee as you play but not alcohol. Do all you can to play in a positive atmosphere as this will influence your play.

Distraction levels are higher: In a traditional casino such as the MGM Grand, despite the surrounding noise, you can still concentrate on your game. Though there are fewer distractions at home such as the doorbell, TV, sounds from the kitchen, etc, yet people turn on the TV while playing online poker and thus increase their distraction levels. For new players, any distraction is bad as he must learn to be focused. Besides, distractions make poker players unable to play, and make them take wrong decisions, costing them their precious bankroll.

No personal interaction: You can interact live with other players in a brick and mortar casino, but not in an online poker room. Chatting with faceless players can leave you feeling incomplete, which can impact the money you make, since much can be earned by gauging people’s facial reactions and manipulating their behavior.

Also, if you make friends with the player on your right, he’s quite likely not going to be aggressive with you. This helps you figure them out while playing and trying to foretell their hands. This facility is unavailable to you online.

Poker rooms- what to expect from a professional poker room?

With the large number of poker rooms that can be found online today, selecting one can be very difficult for most players. Unlike in the past, the online poker industry has grown in various ways and players today have many choices. If you are new to online poker and are thinking about joining a poker room, you should begin by understanding what to expect from a professional and well known poker room. Knowing this would ultimately help you choose a good online poker room.


Safety is one of the biggest concerns for most Full Tilt poker players when they play online poker. A good poker room should be able to provide you safety for your monetary transactions. The poker room should be trustworthy so that you would be able to play poker at ease without having to worry about your safety. Stick to poker rooms that are well established and have a good player base like Party Poker,, Absolute Poker and Paradise Poker. A good poker site should also have the appropriate security measures on their website and must offer you the assurance that any personal information that you provide them would not be misused.

Quality services

You should also expect quality services from a good quality poker room. The quality of the software that is used by the site should be good. Choose a poker room that is visually satisfying and offers reliability. A good poker room should also allow you to download the software to try it yourself before you commit to signing up and playing for money. A visually appealing poker room would offer you a more real gaming experience. The features offered by the site should be easy and comfortable for you.

You should also ensure that the poker room you select offers many poker variations for you to choose from so that you can keep yourself entertained by playing various different versions of the game. Little details like chat options on the table, multiple tables etc all make a difference in the gaming experience and so these are the points that you should consider while selecting a poker room.


Any professional poker room such as the bellagio poker room should also offer you comfort. What this means that taking everything in consideration, as a player you should feel comfortable while playing at that online poker site. Since poker is a complicated game, you would want to be able to concentrate on your game, especially if you are playing for money. For this reason, it is very important to choose a poker site that you would be comfortable with so that you can concentrate on your game better.

A good poker site should also offer you good customer service, fast transfer of funds and multiple options for getting in touch with the management in case of any problems. If you keep these points in mind, you would be able to find a poker site that would offer you an enjoyable gaming experience. With so many options available today in terms of poker rooms, finding a good poker site is not very difficult.

Modern Online Poker Play Strategies

Modern Online Poker Play Strategies – Use Aggression Properly for Winning Short-handed No Limit Hold’em Events

Modern poker players are aware of the rising trend of aggressive play, including taunts, jibes, cat-calls and strong facial expressions besides table thumping that are considered a part and parcel of successful poker games today. However, though many new players can get intimidated by the thought of aggression being directed at them or even seem shocked at being recommended aggressive tactics for winning repeated hands, it is quite true that if used properly, a win is guaranteed in short handed no limit Hold’em games with correct degree of aggressive play! This can be practiced in a subtle way instead of the obvious strong manner that tells on the player’s poker etiquette.

Some players may be confused about applying the right knowledge of aggressive play but it’s as simple as knowing that if you choose not to be a shark, then you end up being a fish – and unless you use aggression properly, you may be in the wrong division of the tank!

Consider a no limit Hold’em game with a 6 player max tag and the huge popularity of these online poker rooms because of the reduced waiting period between hands played and the possibility for looser play as compared to full ring games. Both these aspects of short-handed action build up the chances of playing more hands, which serious poker players should know are welcome and do the best they can to minimize losses, which are natural with playing more hands.

However, being disciplined in the approach, even if short-handed, weak players too can have an advantage over better players by learning how to apply effective counter-strategies against strong opponents who tend to play like maniacs. This is where aggressive play comes in because these kinds of players are the easiest ones to beat!

It is advisable to apply selective aggression in a style that enables one to make several one-try stabs during games with small to medium pot sizes. This term is used for a situation when the player should be able to judge when to let the pot go if called and trying to win on the flop. If one doesn’t learn how and when to do this, success with short-handed No-limit cash games is very limited for the player and all accumulated profits can end up with the shark type player who applies right aggressive moves by calling on the flop.

The step will also compel your next bet to be a large one and by continuing aggressive play, should the ‘shark’ raise, it is wise to let go if called on the flop. It is advisable to apply a raise or fold approach in particular, during pre-flop.

Suppose no one enters the pot, you can raise any 2 cards 7 (or higher) in most situations. However, pros advise that if someone has entered the pot, then only play premium hands to keep power and position steady in cases you cannot be an aggressor.

If you are on the flop, it is smart to bet 75% of the pot size, not bothering so much about the cards hitting the board. But if you sight any resistance especially a call on the flop, it is wise to give in.

The advantages to the above style of selective aggressive play is that you will be in a position to steal lots of blinds, more often than not the flops you see will be heads-up or three-way, you stand to win most of the pots on the flop and can make up for those that you don’t win this way by and you get to dominate in the game if you flop a monster hand against a decent one!